Terms & Conditions

By means of the entry form you acknowledge the following Terms & Conditions for membership:

  1. The new member is to pay the membership fee, including entry fee, as soon as possible. Debit card payment is the preferred method, but you may also transfer the amount by bank:
    NL 12 RABO 01706.45.492, mentioning your name and address.
  2. Payment via debit card (PIN) or bank transfer within 3 weeks gives you a discount:
  • Adults: 15 Euro discount
  • Students: 15 Euro discount
  • 65+ members and juniors: 10 Euro discount
    You may subtract this from the amount payable.
  1. First-time members pay a one-off entry fee. For adult (senior) members and students this is 35 Euro. For 65+ and juniors 23 Euro.
  2. Family membership: Thor offers a free junior or ‘kabouter’ membership for the fifth member of your family. Please indicate this on the form.
  3. Members are to obey the park rules. These are, for instance:
  • Players are obliged to wear a tennis outfit (no jeans or beach wear).
  • Players must wear shoes that are specially made for the courts  (e.g. omnicourt soles), so not to damage the courts.
  1. During the day and evenings, courts are also used for competition, tournaments, activities and lessons. Please check the activity calendar.
  2. Stop membership: if you do not wish to be a member for the next calendar year, please send a notification of this before December 15 via info@thordebataaf.nl or Postbus 82067, 2508 EB Den Haag. Without cancellation in writing, your membership will be prolonged automatically to the next summer seaon (up to October).