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contribution 2024 excl. registration fee

seniors summer card

seniors year card veterans summer card veterans year card juniors full year student discount
18-3-2024 245,- 335,- 160,- 250,- 145,- -75,-
1-6-2024 215,- 305,- 145,- 235,- 125,- -60,-
1-7-2024 175,- 265,- 125,- 215,- 105,- -45,-
1-8-2024 135,- 225,- 105,- 195,- 85,- -35,-
1-9-2024 85,- 175,- 75,- 165,- 65,- -20,-
1-10-2024 40,- 130,- 35,- 125,- 35,- -10,-


  • Youth until 8 years  whole year Eur 60,-
  • Fee youth (>7 year) starting 18-3-2024.
  • Junior: 17 years old or younger during 2024
  • Senior: When you reach the age of 18 or will reach this age this current year
  • Veteran: When you reach the age of 65 or will reach this age this current year
  • Students will receive a discount of Eur 75,- on their senior membership. They have to submit a
         proof of enrolment to This proof must be submitted annually
  • Entry fee seniors and students Eur 35,-
  • Entry fee youth and veterans Eur 23,-
  • Questions? Please send an email to


SENIORS:  Registration form Seniors 2024

JUNIORSRegistration form Juniors 2024

The fifth member of a family (youngest, still living at home) will be rewarded with a free membership (lessons excluded).

Termination membership
If you wish to terminate your membership, you have to notify us until the 15th of December 2024.

Why Thor de Bataaf?

  • Thor de Bataaf was elected the best sport club in The Hague in 2012 and 2014
  • Our modern and well-equipped pavilion has an enjoyable atmosphere and is a nice place to stay before and after playing tennis. Additionally, the park offers a modern fitness center, a racket shop and a physical therapist
  • As one of the largest tennis clubs in the country, you will always be able to find Thor members of your own playing level
  • Every Monday evening between 19h00 and 21h00, you can play against other people. A very popular evening, especially for new members to meet new people
  • The activity committee and youth committee organize many activities for all levels and ages
  • Our first mixed team plays at a top level, so a game of high quality tennis can be enjoyed at your own tennis park
  • And not the least: the 18 lighted all weather courts allow you to play all year round!